5G Technology | 5G Network

5G Technology

What is 5G ?

5G is stands for fifth generation mobile network. 5G wireless network standard based on the IEEE 802.11 cc broadband technology. Still the standard of 5G network not set.

5G is not expected untill 2020 because lots of companies are investing in it to prepare this new 5G network.

According to 5G network, It must be depends upon the 'User experience, system performance, buisness models, enhanced service, mangaemnt and operation.

5G standard fulfill with the following requirement:
  • Data rates of tens  of megabite per second for tens of thousands of user.
  • Data rates of 100 megabits per second for metropolitan area. 1000x bandwidth area per unit. 
  • 1 GB per second simultaneously to many worker on the same floor.
  • 100x number of connected devices. I.e Several hundred of thousands of simultaneously connection for wireless sensors.
  • Spectral efficiency significantly enhanced compared to 4G.
  • Coverage improvement. Such that 100% coverage.
  • Signaling efficiency enhanced.
  • Latency reduced as compared to LTE.
Benefits of 5G

  • 5G is significantly faster than 4G  network.
  • It is capable to give downloading speed of 10,000 Mbps. (approx).
  • Complex mobile internet apps can be run by 5G and giving large bandwidth with faster download speed.
  • 5G giving multi-gigabites per second which is very large than 4G service.

Improvement in 5G.

5G is still is in process of better development currently it is not open to use for anyone.
Qualcomm, Samsung, nokia and many companies are investing in 5G to continue research on 5G.
As per the details, Samsung producing home router with 5G service enabled.
Qualcomm giving attention on hardware and make a 5G enabled modem.

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